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Discover the hottest meme token inspired by Elon Musk's legendary tweet and the cross X token trend, combined with the charm of Dogecoin!

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Fair Launch

Inspired by Elon Musk: XDOGE brings innovation and excitement from Elon's visionary mind into the crypto space.
Riding the Cross X Token Trend: Combining the power of the trending cross X token movement with the charm of Dogecoin.
Meme Power Unleashed: A community-driven token for fun, laughter, and a close-knit community of meme and crypto enthusiasts.

$XDOGE have very low 2/2 tax for marketing fund to push us to goal. Team need this budget for listing on any crypto world DAPP to explore more investor like CMC/CGK.

Seem people look many token dump after launch? Don't worry about that issue, XDOGE have 11% from fund rise for buy back and burn token via smart contract and all BNB holding by Pinksale.Finanace

We have great header of marketing and chad team developers, Does 44x on token 9 BNB LP and Does 7x on token 140 BNB LP before. Both token launched on Pinksale.Finance not just stealth launch.

Previous our token listing on CMC after listing pancake swap in 4 hour and listing DexTools/CGK in less than a week. Don't worry about this issue we have enough experience on crypto marketing. 

XDOGE is fully fair launch distribute to investor who support us and have only fair launch. We have no seed investor or team token to dump our chart.


Liquidity Fund ( 40% )

Buy Back Fund ( 11% )

Marketing Fund ( 30% )

Affiliate Fund ( 3% )

Development Fund ( 14% )

PinkSale.Finance Fee( 2% )

Elon Musk Meta Tweet

Elon Musk's tweets have a profound impact on the cryptocurrency market. His humorous remarks and nods to certain coins have caused meme tokens like Dogecoin to skyrocket in market capitalization. Additionally, his tweets have even inspired the creation of new meme coins like Doge. However, investors should approach these meme coins with caution due to their high volatility and speculative nature.

Our Feature

  • Biggest Buy Comp Rewards.
  • Audited By Analytix-Audit
  • More Partners/Investor Support
  • Top BSC Callers/Influencer
  • Release Staking Pool Rewards
  • Release Exclusive NFT Collections.

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